Welcome to Club Wumpus™, a virtual world for softsoap enthusiasts guided by an unwavering commitment to memes.

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Available on the Wumpbox One.

Grab a controller, a wumpus plush and play with a SoftSoap™ enthusiastic friend..

The Wumpus is here to stay!

Our game will soon be coming to a Sega Genesis near you.

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+ receive a complimentary SoftSoap™*

Mobile Ready

Our game has been made from the ground up to support mobile devices.

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Screenshot your favourite moments and tweet the team @ClubWumpus

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As always, Club Wumpus™ will be free to play. With additional freemium items.

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If you have a Discord Gold account, connect it with Club Wumpus™ and receive a complimentary SoftSoap™!

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